Mercator Traditional Method Sparkling Cuvee

This small lot Traditional Method Sparkling is a remarkable blend of 2015, 2016, and 2017 vintages providing a complex yet reserved profile with a dry and somewhat lean style for which Mercator is known. Notes of lemon and brioche, balanced by a distinct minerality and hints of spicy oak are the key aromatic elements. The mousse is mouth-filling and the palate is refreshing with just the right weight resulting from two and a half years of aging on the lees.

  • Mercator Vineyards
  • sparkling
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $50.00


Notes of lemon, brioche and hints of vanilla and spice with a distinct note of minerality evolve from the glass with the gentle rise of carbonation from the mousse.


True to the Mercator style, the wines that form the base of this wine are aged (2015, 2016, and 2017) providing the reserved yet complex profile of the wine as well as the dry and somewhat lean style that Mercator is also known. The mousse is mouth-filling and the palate is refreshing and light with a bit of weight from the 3.5 years of aging on the lees.


The minerality and refreshing acidity of this wine pair perfectly with the delicate flavour and minerality of oysters on the half shell - the classic traditional method sparkling pairing. This wine also pairs well with salads, soups and other delicate seafood dishes.


A small lot sparkling that is unique to our winery and style, this traditional method sparkling is a non-vintage wine made up of a blend of three varieties, Vidal, Petite Milo, Frontenac Gris.


Vidal, Petite Milo, Frontenac Gris
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