Capturing the Complexity of Our Coastal Terroir

While our Devonian Coast family of wineries has a combined growing area of over 160 acres, we also work directly with local grape growers from across Nova Scotia to source grapes from an additional 130 acres.

Each of our growers has a unique story. Some have been in the business of farming grapes for decades; others are newer to the industry. Their experience, knowledge and passion for coaxing succulent grapes from our soil are a celebration of Nova Scotia’s pioneering spirit, of place, of terroir, of the raw ingredients from which our wine is made.

Farming a landscape shaped by the long-departed glaciers of the last ice age, in a climate moderated by the ocean currents that bathe Nova Scotia in the warmth of the Gulf Stream, our growers are literally in touch with our land. Stubborn, self-sufficient and hard-working—it is their sense of place and pride that brings authenticity and character to our wines.

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