Tidal Bay

Nova Scotia’s Appellation

Officially launched in June 2012, Tidal Bay is the first wine appellation for Nova Scotia. A crisp, aromatic white wine, it displays the unique characteristics of our cool climate region and pairs perfectly with the local seafood we’re known for.

The name Tidal Bay was inspired by the influence of the sea on all of the wineries located across the province.

Although all Tidal Bay wines must follow the same set of standards, each wine is slightly different from one another, and wineries are able to uniquely express their individuality within their Tidal Bay wines.

To obtain the Tidal Bay designation, all wines must be made from specific grape varieties, include 100% Nova Scotia grown grapes, follow a strict set of standards and be approved every year by an independent blind tasting panel.

These standards were created by a committee of winemakers, sommeliers and wine experts and are strictly enforced throughout the winemaking process, from growing to bottling.

Wines can be a combination of the approved grape varieties, but must demonstrate the distinctive taste profile that reflects the classic Nova Scotian style: lively fresh green fruit, dynamic acidity and characteristic minerality. Tidal Bay wines must also be relatively low in alcohol at no more than 11%.

Unlike most other wine regions, where “appellation” is defined by a geographic region, the Tidal Bay appellation applies to Nova Scotia as a whole.

Each of our wineries creates a Tidal Bay wine. With Tidal Bay offerings from three key growing areas in the province Devonian Coast is uniquely positioned to demonstrate the subtle nuances and full range of characteristics available within the Tidal Bay style.

Visit Jost Vineyards and Gaspereau Vineyards to sample a flight of the three Jost, Gaspereau and Mercator Vineyard Tidal Bays. Our staff will be pleased to discuss the unique signature styles of each wine. It is an opportunity for you to experience Nova Scotia’s Tidal Bay appellation.

Where to buy Tidal Bay wine

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