The Wine Lifestyle - Selkie Frizzante

Published: Thursday, June 2, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

Being Nova Scotia’s first frizzante-style wine (gently sparkling), Jost Selkie brings a new and exciting wine to our local repertoire. The balance of varietals used provides a mix of delicate flowers, stone fruit nuances including peach and apricot, and juicy pear flavours. The off dry aspect is nicely partnered with the energizing ‘frizz’ from the method of winemaking, creating an overall impression that is lively and youthful. 

Imagine the existence of an all-day wine ... one that can be the ‘bubbly buddy’ by your side while relaxing in a nice warm bath, but then follow you as a ‘perfect partner’ to a crispy bacon and eggs filled brunch. Still want more? Grab another bottle to keep you company as you go on your way ... maybe helping a girlfriend pick out her wedding gown, or soaking up some sun on a patio while catching up with friends.

The point is, this wine has it all—low alcohol to go the long haul, mildly bubbly to keep it refreshing, and an off-dry (aka slightly sweet) nature that will keep the fruit alive and reinforce the easygoing character of this wine. This style of wines is also great with certain foods, especially those that showcase heat or savoury/salty features.

Try Selkie with the Armview Restaurant’s Muchacho Eggs Benny (see recipe below), which highlights chorizo (that is salty and spicy), and you’ll discover a match made in Sunday-funday heaven ... Cheers!

at Jost and Gaspereau Vineyards.