The Wine Lifestyle - Jost Leon Millot

Published: Thursday, May 19, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

This medium bodied red will deliver layers of plum, bright red cherry, and sun kissed raisins, on your palate. More subtle notes of vanilla and cinnamon follow, leaving no hard edges on the silky finish.

We all know the general rule of pairing white wine with fish/seafood and red wine with dark meats, but the middle ground is often a grey zone, leaving many wine lovers questioning which colour to lean towards. One common item that fits into this category, and is a staple of our East Coast cuisine, is Atlantic salmon. A flavourful and bold tasting fish, it can work well with a full bodied white wine, but also pairs with red wine if the wine is chosen properly. If you are fond of the latter option be sure to choose a red that has good acidity that can cut through the fatty nature of the fish, but low in tannin, as this aspect would likely compete with the marine flavours and create a harsh effect.

This weekend test this rule effortlessly by pairing Jost Vineyards Leon Millot (Reg. $14.99 750mL), which embodies these traits, with the conveniently packaged Cedar Bay Grilling Company’s cedar planked salmon. You’ll rejoice at how a red wine indeed can be enjoyed with fish, you just need to pick the right one.