The Wine Lifestyle - Gaspereau Tidal Bay

Published: Thursday, June 23, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

With mesmerizing hints of rose gold to the eye, Gaspereau Vineyards Tidal Bay is designed for people who appreciate bold and personality filled wines. Aromas of orange marmalade and baked peach cobbler are followed by an apple and citrus filled palate. The finish is bright with a mouthwatering acidity that keeps it fresh.

This week showcases another great version of Nova Scotia’s premium appellation wine, Tidal Bay. A unique blend of Seyval blanc, Vidal blanc, Chardonnay, and New York Muscat—a broad range of nuances come together to form nice complexity in this wine. The Muscat makes a significant contribution to the aromatics of this wine providing the exotic fruit component. The remaining three varietals work together to balance the wine and add the crisp fresh fruits and a solid acid structure.

I like pairing wines such as this that display both pronounced acidity as well as intense aromatics, with dishes that showcase similar diversity of textures and flavours. This summer, visit one of Halifax’s most celebrated restaurants, The Press Gang, and pair this wine with their Atlantic Halibut entrée served with local mussels, jumbo shrimp sauté, and a spicy chorizo cream. The acid in the wine balances the richness of the dish, and the exotic fruit element compliments the spice from the chorizo cream. Feel like testing out your own skills? Try Chef Shane Bauer’s recipe in the comfort of your own home. Either way, be prepared to be blown away with this memorable combination. Cheers!