The Wine Lifestyle - Devonian Coast Wineries Premium Tawny

Published: Thursday, September 8, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

Made from a blend of local red grape varietals, the Devonian Coast Wineries Premium Tawny showcases a time tested traditional method of wine making in a fresh and invigorating grape-growing region. This rich and unctuous fortified wine coats your palate with red fruit flavours such as cherry and cranberry, while the more subtle notes of vanilla and nuts linger on the finish from the oak aging this wine receives.

A lot of people don’t often drink port wine because they either don’t understand the wine itself, or they don’t know how to use it when it comes to food pairings. These wines, typically higher in both sugar and alcohol, tend to be powerful, but still pleasant due to balance of these components. The alcohol gives it weight and intensity, while the sugar gives it more finesse and approachability.

Fortified wines are often used for after dinner to pair with desserts or cheeses, and this wine is a sure hit for just that. I especially recommend it with salty crumbly cheeses such as Parmesan Reggiano or any form of blue cheese. Sometimes, it’s tremendously stimulating to try something off the radar and discover it can be even more rewarding. To experience just this, be sure to visit the new Barrington Steakhouse & Oyster Bar in the core of downtown Halifax and pair this wine with Chef Dwayne MacLeod’s Beef, Bacon, & Bleu. A perfect appetizer combining juicy beef, salty bacon, and creamy blue cheese­—Devonian Coast Premium Tawny is a home run in this bases-loaded winning combination. Double-dip by starting your night off with this pairing and end it with the same wine and a lovely cheese plate, and experience the untapped versatility this wine has for your collection. Cheers!

Find Devonian Coast Premium Tawny at select NSLC stores for $22.99. Also available at Jost and Gaspereau Vineyards.