The Wine Lifestyle - Devonian Coast Maple Wine

Published: Thursday, July 7, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

Deep amber in colour, Maple Wine is one like none other. Aside from the obvious maple flavours most would expect from this wine, you will also be tempted by the toasted caramel, spicy clove, and creamy butterscotch flavours that coat your palate. The buttery texture of this wine lingers on the finish with a mouth coating richness that exemplifies luxury.

I am sure many of you are wondering exactly what Maple wine is. Well, it’s quite simple actually… it is a wine made of 100% of maple syrup via a cool fermentation process. The result is something many haven’t experienced before, but will not likely forget anytime soon (including me!). It’s deep, viscous, and nutty. Sweet but not cloying, and just enough savoury components to keep it from being one dimensional. Although 100% maple in constitution, the flavour profile is much more diverse, as is the application of the wine.

This wine can stand alone and be served after dinner as a dessert wine, or naturally accompany a cheese plate. It can be added to pancake batter for a kicked up brunch feast, even mixed with pecans to top a knockout pecan pie. For main dishes it can create a delightful glaze on grilled salmon or be used in a sauce for pork. Not hungry? Then get your shaker ready and prepare for a treat by replicating Cooper Tardivel's internationally award-winning cocktail, the True North Martini. At the 2008 Bols Around the World Competition held in Amsterdam, this cocktail was named one of the top five cocktails in the world and one of the key ingredients was none other than this Maple Wine.. Cheers!

Devonian Coast Maple Wine |  375mL | $19.98 
Find it on shelves at the checkout in select NSLC stores.