The Wine Lifestyle 2017 - Jost Selkie Rosé

Published: Friday, June 9, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Exhibiting the fresh colour of a fully ripe pink grapefruit, this visually appealing wine delivers a flavour explosion that is just as intense. Jost Vineyards Selkie Rosé, in its second year, has hit store shelves to the excitement of its adoring followers who have been waiting to enjoy the 2016 vintage.

So, what made Jost Selkie Rosé one of last year’s most popular local wines and one of this year's most anticipated? Was it the attractive pink colour that captured the eye? Perhaps it was the frizzante method that added just a bit of bubbly to the wine to keep it refreshing? Or maybe it was the flavourful notes of strawberry and red currants with the perfect touch of naturally sourced fruit sugar on the palate? I suspect that it was a combination of all of these factors that allowed the local community to celebrate the rosé season with a regional gem. 

Now, if only we could find something as pink, as local, and as delicious to pair with it. But wait! We have! Crafted from simple but quality ingredients, the distinguished Salt Shaker Deli in Lunenburg has a dish created by Chef Martin Ruiz Salvador that will impress; both from their  stunning view of Lunenburg Harbour and in the comfort of your own home. Either way, give this creative shrimp dish a try and see for yourself why going pink is the ‘IT’ thing.

As the days get longer, the sun gets warmer, and the patios get busier, be sure to claim your bottle of Selkie Rosé and raise a toast on National Rosé Day (Saturday, June 10) and stock your fridges for the remaining rays of sunshine ahead … Cheers!