The Wine Lifestyle 2017- Gaspereau Vineyards Riesling

Published: Friday, July 14, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Riesling, one of the oldest Vitis vinifera grape varietals, offers wine lovers a magnitude of diversity and value. So, I am excited to present this week’s feature wine as it brings one of the most misunderstood wine varietals into focus and allows me to share some information that might surprise you.

A white grape varietal traditionally known for its German roots, Riesling showcases a racy acidity and a citrus backbone. German offerings (which are what most people are familiar with) often lean towards a sweeter style, leaving a healthy dose of residual sugar after fermentation that balances the vivacious acidity. However, other regions of the world, including Alsace (France) and various parts of Australia generate versions with more body and a much dryer style. 

So, what is Nova Scotia doing in this category? It is finding its own identity by recognizing that the local terroir allows us to create captivating off dry and delicate versions. Gaspereau Vineyards Riesling in particular, receiver of the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines for two consecutive years, is exactly what I love about Nova Scotia Riesling. It is subtle yet forward, deep yet fresh, and easy-drinking yet complex. The exquisite balance of acidity and residual sugar, combined with notes of fresh lemon and briny saline make it the ultimate gastronomic wine giving you exceptional flexibility at the dinner table. 

I am sure you’ve had a great experience where the ambience makes the moment just that much more memorable. Well, what better way to enjoy this refreshing and complex Riesling than by savouring each sip at the winery itself? You’ll be delighted by Gaspereau Vineyards’ diverse new Vine Side menu. Their Salmon Trio Board offers an assortment of different textures and flavours to sample with this wine. The richness of the salmon, the acidity of the charred lemon, the brightness stemming from the dill cream cheese and the pickled onion accompaniments are all carefully thought out components that pair well with the Riesling. The presentation also makes for an explorative and interactive tasting adventure. 

If Riesling isn’t something you typically drift towards, I hope I have inspired you to re-think your perceptions of the grape varietal and give one of Nova Scotia’s best representations of it a try. Experience the nuances of this wine by visiting the breathtaking vineyard to try our suggested pairing or have some fun in the kitchen and try this fresh and bold recipe from the Vine Side. I am confident you will not be disappointed—you may even go back for seconds … Cheers!