LÜVO Piquette + Berry Spritzer

Accentuating the fruity aromatics naturally present in our grapes, we stepped it up to the next level with real fruit juice. Piquette + Berry combines red piquette wine with aromatic white wine and a healthy splash of berry juices to create this refreshing and aromatic spritzer.

  • LÜVO Life Co.
  • Red
  • Nova Scotia
  • 250 mL
  • 7% Alc./Vol.
  • $5.99


Evoking memories of summer in Nova Scotia, our newest LÜVO spritzer expresses distinct notes of red raspberry and fresh strawberry backed with classic Rosé aromatics.


Refreshing and berry-forward, with just a hint of sweetness, LÜVO Piquette + Berry spritzer delivers a creative fusion between Piquette, wines and real fruit. The result is a balanced, low alcohol fruity wine that quenches your thirst and intrigues the taste buds!


With its refreshing nature and low alcohol style, Piquette + Berry is very versatile. We suggest fresh salads garnished with fruit, tapas platters, grillled Mediterranean-style vegetables, hummus and pita chips.


Piquette is made from the fresh grape pomace (skins and seeds) that remains after pressing out the juice for classically fermented white and Rosé wines. There are still heaps of aromatics and some juice remaining in the pomace, so it can be used to make piquette. Both of our LÜVO Piquettes are made from piquette combined with classically-fermented white wine and an extra fruity splash to create refreshing spritzers. For the Piquette + Berry, we combined Piquette made from red grapes, classically-fermented white wine and a healthy splash of strawberry and red raspberry juices to create this fruity and refreshing spritzer.
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