Winter Gaspereau Tasting Sessions

Published: Thursday, November 30, 2017

Join in the holiday festivities at Gaspereau Vineyards with this special, free sampling and small-bite pairing event. Allow winemaker Gina Haverstock to walk you through comparative samplings of 3 different vintages and ‘same vintage’ barrel comparisons of Lucie Kuhlmann. This is your chance to chat with our winemaker, explore the differences between vintages, and discover how aging in barrels from different sources and different producers is key in the art of winemaking.

Wine flights and small-bite food pairings are included.

Following the tasting, many special offers will be available including Lucie Kuhlmann Vintage 3-packs (including a re-release of Lucie Kuhlmann 2014, the current 2015 and a pre-release of the 2016 Lucie Kuhlmann) and ‘lucie lover’ packs.

Reserve now as space is limited.

By phone 902-542-1455 or email: