LÜVO Simply Red Wine in 250ml Can

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL recipient ~  2024 All Canadian Wine Championships!

LÜVO Simply Red is an elegant, medium-bodied red wine with notes of red berry fruit and a smooth finish. Simply put, Simply Red is a classic and approachable red wine. Enjoy it with pizza, pasta and all of your other favourite red wine dishes.

  • LÜVO Life Co.
  • Red
  • Nova Scotia
  • 250 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $5.99


Cold Press Red is a red wine with an intriguing aromatic profile, full of red berry fruit and cherry aromatics along with notes of vanilla and spice.


Fruity and smooth, this red wine combines a soft tannin structure with notes of vanilla and berry on the palate, making the Cold Press Red a go-to wine for many occasions. Its fruitiness makes it very approachable but the mouthfeel and tannin structure makes it bold enough to replace any red wine pairing.


Serve lightly chilled. Pair with BBQ hamburgers and sausages or their vegetarian counterparts, grilled tuna and mushroom dishes.


Bold enough to be a true red but mellow enough to be very approachable. This is achieved by fermenting the Cold Press Red differently from a typical red wine fermentation. LÜVO Cold Press Red was not fermented on the skins, like a typical red wine. Instead it was whole-berry harvested and pressed cold, directly from the vineyard before the fermentation. This is similar to making a Rosé (pressing red gapes before fermentation) but, in the case of Cold Press Red, the goal was NOT to press a lightly-colored juice. Instead, the grapes were harvested later than usual, so that a lot of color and flavour could be extracted. This helps make this red wine berry fruit-forward and approachable.
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