Ducks Crossing Wines

Big taste. Small footprint.

Ducks Crossing wines are the perfect reason to stop and sip. It's wine with all of its ducks in a row: exceptional taste, quality, value AND better for our environment.

Your favourite varietals: Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Malbec are available in both stay-fresh 4 Litre box and 750ml bottle formats making them not only an exceptional value but also environmentally more sustainable. 

$1 per case of Ducks Crossing wine sold goes to support your local Nature Trust. 

With Ducks Crossing wines you know you are enjoying exceptional wines while giving back. More sustainable packaging, investing in the latest viticulture practices and committing to the use of both local and globally sustainable resources are just a few ways we’ve elevated our own conservation efforts.

As well as lowering our carbon footprint, supporting our local Nature trusts is another way we can give back.

No compromise on quality or flavour

Ducks Crossing wines, for all the fun they conjure and all the good they do, are first and foremost exceptional wines. We’re serious about a lot of important issues. We’re REALLY serious about our wines.