Ducks Crossing wines are a natural fit with local Nature Trust

Sustainable, Recyclable, Charitable

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Published: Tuesday, June 18, 2024

One dollar per case of Ducks Crossing wine sold is donated to your local Nature Trust. With Ducks Crossing wines, you know you are enjoying exceptional wines while giving back to support the health of the planet where our grapes are nurtured and grown.

Sustainability means the world to us

Great wines are made in vibrant and healthy vineyards. Our vineyards are a bellwether for the health of both our local and global environment.

We are rooted in a long tradition of conservation. Converting to more sustainable packaging, investing in the latest viticulture practises and committing to the use of both local and globally sustainable resources are just a few ways we’ve already elevated our own conservation efforts.

Why giving back is key

As well as lowering our carbon footprint, supporting our local Nature Trusts is another way we can give back, educate and engage with our fellow wine lovers. By partnering with you and these organizations, we can together contribute to programs and projects that provide stewardship and outreach to help:

  • Protect our coastlines and inland waterways
  • Preserve our forests and wetlands
  • Save endangered species and their habitats
  • Champion meaningful land management practices
  • Sustain our local wine industry

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