Beef, Bacon & Bleu Appetizer

Beef, Bacon & Bleu Appetizer

The Barrington Steakhouse & Oyster Bar

Chef Dwayne MacLeod’s Beef, Bacon, & Bleu is the perfect appetizer combining juicy beef, salty bacon, and creamy blue cheese. Double-dip by starting your night off with this pairing and end it with the same wine and a lovely cheese plate, and experience the untapped versatility this wine has for your collection. 


Port Reduction
2 oz    Port Wine
1 oz    White Sugar
2 oz    Corn Syrup
⅛ oz   Cracked Back Pepper

Balsamic Reduction
3½ oz  Balsamic Vinegar
¾ oz    Maple Syrup

Beef, Bacon & Bleu*
1 oz    Tenderloin
¼ oz   Blue cheese
½        Bacon slice
*This is for one portion—make as many as you want


Port Reduction Method: Reduce by half and chill. 

Balsamic Reduction Method: Reduce till it coats a back of a cold spoon and let chill.

Beef, Bacon & Bleu Method: Cut the tenderloin in slices ¼ inch tick and 2” wide. Place on top of the bacon and then put the blue cheese on top of the beef. Roll and skewer till ready to cook. To cook, bake them in the oven till the bacon is golden brown at a temperature of 375 degrees. To plate place your beef Bacon & Bleu and drizzle your port reduction and balsamic reduction over and finish with a little coarse sea salt and enjoy.

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