The best sparkling wines for a rosy Valentine’s Day: The Globe and Mail


Jost Selkie Frizzante 2014, Nova Scotia

SCORE: 89 PRICE: $19.95

Jost, Nova Scotia’s pioneering winery, named this delight “selkie” after the folkloric creature that transforms from seal to human. The wine performs a bit of a trick, too. Sweet and musky, it manages to stay lively and light (at just 8.5-per-cent alcohol), with a gentle spritz that’s tame enough to accommodate a regular screw cap versus caged cork. Perfect for light, moderately sweet cakes and cookies. Available in Ontario at the above price, $19.99 in Nova Scotia, $19.99 in New Brunswick, $20.27 in Newfoundland.

From The Globe and Mail, The best sparkling wines for a rosy Valentine’s Day

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