Gaspereau Triomphe d’Alsace

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Made from a grape variety whose name reflects its origins in Alsace, an area between France and Germany, Triomphe d'Alsace captures traditions of both countries. Developed as a red variety suited to colder climates, it has found a new home in Nova Scotia where it successfully expresses itself with dark colour, vibrant structure and aromatic notes similar to those of haskap and cranberry fruits.


Triomphe D’Alsace is a fresh and fruit-forward red wine. Notes of cranberry and cherry with undertones of spice and orange rind fill the nose of this un-oaked wine.


Fresh black cherry notes combined with a moderate tannin profile and a refreshing acidity make this red wine an obvious choice for those who like fresh and young red wines. Hints of orange rind also follow through from the nose to the palate.


Triomphe d'Alsace pairs well with tapas, tomato-based pasta dishes and many classic Italian pizzas.



750 mL

Triomphe d'Alsace