Gaspereau Gina’s Red

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As a fine artist blends colour and form to evoke emotions, winemaker Gina Haverstock has combined aroma, texture and hue to create this remarkable red wine.

Marechal Foch, Marquette, Triomphe D’Alsace and Lucie Kuhlmann grapes were blended to create a vibrant composition to tantalize your senses. Underlying floral and licorice notes are interwoven with alluring vanilla, chocolate, and spiced oak. Gina’s Red is a complex and intriguing wine with a deep burgundy colour and a lingering, fresh finish.


Aging the individual wines in various ways—in both new and mature Hungarian and French oak barriques, and in stainless steel—builds complexity in the blend while respecting the delicate primary aromas derived from the grapes themselves. Red plum and black cherry aromatics with underlying floral and licorice notes are interwoven with alluring vanilla, chocolate and spiced oak creating a complex and intriguing nose.


Black cherry and cranberry present themselves on the palate and combine with a chocolate and spice note and a hint of licorice, creating a complex and textured mouthfeel.  The finish is lingering and fresh with subtle oak and red fruit.


Pair with slow-roasted beef and lamb, tomato-based pasta dishes and classic Italian pizza.


Black cherry and oak-influenced notes follow through from the nose and are combined with a freshness and an elegant structure that makes this wine food friendly. 



750 mL

Marechal Foch, Marquette, Triomphe D’Alsace and Lucie Kuhlmann