Devonian Coast Premium Tawny

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True to the traditions of ageing this wine for extended periods in Oak Barrels the wine develops maturity and complexity which expresses itself in the aromas which mingle dried fruits such as cranberry and cherry alongside nutty notes of almond and hazelnut. Flavors are silky and rich giving a full rich impression carried by the higher alcohol a characteristic of Port.


Fig and vanilla bean dance on the tip of your tongue as you take your first sip of this mouth filling Tawny. Full of deep, dark berries and layered with hints of smoke and spice combining to give a smooth and mellow finish.


dark chocolate, créme brulee, strong cheese


This Tawny is a wonderful balancing act; just enough residual sugar to balance the alcohol and chock full of fruit to delight even the most devoted Tawny enthusiast. It makes a delicious aperitif, but is equally well matched with dark chocolate, crème brulée, and strong cheese.



750 mL

Leon Millot & Cabernet Franc