Devonian Coast Vidal Icewine

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The grapes used to produce this Double Gold Medal winning Vidal Icewine were grown in the Warner Vineyard in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. During the coldest mornings of December (temperatures between -8 C and -14 C) the frozen grapes were harvested and pressed.

The pressing yielded a golden nectar which was high in sugar, flavour and balance giving acidity. A cool, slow fermentation resulted in a very complex, full bodied dessert wine.


An intense and concentrated nose creating a heady mix of notes of pear, apple and grape juice – a unique characteristics of the concentrating effect of freezing the grapes on the vine – this is underlayed by a warm butterscotch note .The mouth feel is a unique pairing of candied concentrated fruit impressions kept clean and defined by a supporting sharp acidity.


A unique full bodied dessert-style wine with an inviting supple mouth feel and a balanced sweetness on the finish.


Pair with desserts, vanilla ice cream and soft cheeses.


This delicious wine captures the exquisite flavour and character of Vidal gapes and complements many fine desserts, vanilla ice cream and soft cheeses. And finally it can be savoured on its own.



200 mL

Vidal Blanc