Gift Giving

Select premium wines from Jost, Gaspereau and Mercator Vineyards &
specialty wines from Devonian Coast Wineries.

Our premium, award-winning wines are the perfect gift for giving, better for receiving and the best for sharing. Select from our curated gifts.
Available exclusively at Jost and Gaspereau Vineyards.

Our Harvest Variety Pack

Six premium wines. One exceptional price.
A $130 value for just $100

To make it easy to explore the delicious wines that our extraordinary terroir and
gifted winemakers have created, Devonian Coast Wineries offers six premium
wines in our Harvest Variety Pack.

For each Harvest Variety Pack purchased until December 24, 2016
$20 goes to Feed Nova Scotia.

Includes 1 each 750mL bottle: Gaspereau Gina’s Red, Gaspereau Lucie Kuhlmann,
Jost 4 Skins, Jost Selkie Frizzante, Jost Tidal Bay, Mercator Tidal Bay.
All 6 wines are packaged in a 6-pack ship-able  gift-wrapped box.

Our 3-Flight Tidal Bay Collection


Discover the signature styles of all three of our Tidal Bays. Each is a celebration
of the nuances of their unique terroir and the expertise of our winemakers.

Our 3-Flight Specialty Wine Collection

Handcrafted from the finest grapes, fruit or maple from Atlantic Canada and combined
with time-honoured winemaking techniques, we create modern, elegant specialty wines.

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