Jost Sangria

This wine epitomizes the best of summer! Sangria is a blend of apple wine made from freshly pressed Nova Scotia-grown apples carefully cool fermented for two weeks, and blueberry wine created with whole, hot fermented blueberries. The careful craftsmanship and attention to detail celebrate the flavor of both apple and blueberry while allowing the comingling of the two to produce a unique summer drink. Rain or shine you’ll taste the sun…

  • Jost Vineyards
  • Specialty
  • Nova Scotia
  • 1 L
  • 11.3% Alc./Vol.
  • $15.29


It is spicy and juicy, with a cranberry citrus aroma.


A sweet yet crisp wine with lengthy apple, blueberry and citrus flavours. It is refreshing, light and fun.


A wonderful blend of Nova Scotia blueberry and apple wine. This should be served chilled and may be garnished with a slice of orange or made into a spritzer.


Nova Scotia-grown apple and blueberry
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