Mercator Reserve Marquette 2016

  • Mercator Vineyards
  • Red
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 14.5% Alc./Vol.
  • $34.99


Complex with a genuine depth on the nose, the Marquette Reserve 2016 expresses layers of dried fruit, spice, leather and fresh tobacco integrated with subtle oak notes.


The distinctly dense and concentrated flavours in the Reserve Marquette are attributed to the apassimento method of wine making where grapes are dried prior to fermentation. The drying process concentrates and deepens the flavours and tannin structure of the wine which is intensified further by aging in French oak barrels. Notes of dried fruit and leather linger on the palate with the concentrated yet smooth tannins and the warmth from a slightly-elevated alcohol content.


A wine with the depth and complexity that the Reserve Marquette exhibits, is deserving of a equally depth and complex food pairings. Charbroiled ribeyes, lamb chops, slow-roasted beef and creamy mushroom cream sauce.

Drying grapes in the apassimento method of wine making starts with only the healthiest grapes. The whole clusters are hand-harvested, gently laid in drying racks in a single layer and placed in a ‘dryer’. The dryer is a specially-designed room with good air circulation, warmer temperatures and low humidity. The grapes used for the Marquette Reserve were dried for a total of 6 weeks, resulting in partially desiccated grapes. The flavor, tannin and sugar gets concentrated in the process(about a ?% increase in Brix translating into a higher than usual alcohol content. In 2016, 85% of the wine was made from dried Marquette grapes with the remainder made up of fresh-processed Marquette. They were combined in barrel for the completion of the primary ferment and the subsequent malolactic fermentation.


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