Located on the same 45° latitude as Bordeaux, our soils have been formed and shaped by glacial movements and have ancient and common origins with the soils of Europe. Our geological origins and our relationship with our coastal environment define our terroir making our grape varieties, and thus our extraordinary wines, uniquely Nova Scotian. We plant hardy, reliable grape varieties that thrive in our cooler climate and make wines that are versatile in style, crisp and fruit forward.

Along with its ties to the Sparkes’ family history in Devonshire, England, the Devonian Coast name finds its origins in the Devonian era, which greatly influenced the terroir of Nova Scotia. The era was first studied by collecting rock samples in Devonshire. Those same samples can be found in the most easterly parts of Canada, and suggests the regions were once joined. A calm, but abundant, marine life marked the period and makes up the bedrock upon which our vineyards are grown.