Mercator Tidal Bay

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Mercator Vineyards is a 40 acre site, situated on bluff directly overlooking the Acadian Dykelands . It is influenced by the nearby Minas Basin, with its rising and falling tides. Immense volumes of relatively cold water move in and out of the Basin on a daily basis, bringing with it cool breezes that help keep our vineyards cool, our grapes healthy and to help in the retention of aromatics and acidity that develop in our grapes throughout the growing season.


Ocean breezes create typical cool climate aromatics in the predominant grape varieties of this three grape blend: L’Acadie, Seyval and New York Muscat. Subtle notes of citrus mingled with fresh cut grass and mint present itself on the nose with lingering notes of lime and apple.


On the palate, green apple with fresh cut mint combine with a refreshing acidity and a slight off-dry finish to create this signature white wine.


Favourite pairings include scallops, mussels and grilled halibut.


Tidal Bay, with its expressive aromatics, balanced acidity and hint of sweetness, is an ideal wine to pair with Nova Scotia’s classic seafood dishes.



750 mL

L'Acadie Blanc, Seyval Blanc, New York Muscat