Jost Tidal Bay

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Nova Scotia's signature white wine, Jost Tidal Bay brilliantly reflects its birthplace: the terroir, coastal breezes, cool climate, and our winemakers’ world-class craftsmanship.


Citrus notes of grapefruit rind and lemon peel with subtle notes of apple and minerality are expressed on the nose of this aromatic and terroir-driven wine.


Expressive notes of citrus and granny smith apple combine with a bright acidity and a balanced sweetness on the palate. Hints of minerality are presented mid-palate followed by a long and refreshing finish displaying notes of citrus and apple.


Tidal Bay is an obvious choice to pair with many of Nova Scotia’s delectable seafood dishes but also pairs well with cream-based pasta dishes, fresh cheeses and various chicken dishes.


The Tidal Bay designation represents a unique and recognizable style which is purely Nova Scotian. A blend of indigenous grapes where the varieties of L’Acadie and Ortega play a significant role in defining the signature notes of the wine. Our Tidal Bay style is characterized by citrus aromatics backed by a crisp acidity and a refreshing finish. The style is restrained and an ideal match for both Nova Scotia seafood and summer dining.



750 mL

L’Acadie Blanc, Ortega, Muscat