Jost Muscat

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Made from the red New York Muscat grape, this is an extraordinary white wine. The full flavour and pronounced bouquet of the muscat makes it an ideal wine with many spicy Asian dishes. It's also great for steaming mussels, and traditional lobster boils.


The nose is frisky, floral and fruity, with aromas of linalool, lychee, orange blossom, honeysuckle, white peach, sage and rose petal.


Jost Muscat is spicy, vibrant, eclectic, with flavours of stone fruit, marmalade, rose water, touch of ginger and maybe thyme/sage.


This is a dry, yet soft wine with a lot going on; it keeps developing and each sip reveals new nuances. Jost Muscat is definitely food friendly.



750 mL

New York Muscat