Jost Coastal White Blend

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Our Coastal White is a refreshing blend of L'Acadie Blanc and Riesling grapes which thrive on our Atlantic shores.


Notes of green apple and pear with hints of peach and minerality are expressed on the nose.


Our Coastal White has a burst of green apple and pear and a hint of minerality on the palate with a bright and refreshing acidity.


A perfect wine choice for many of Nova Scotia’s seafood delicacies. Try it with seafood chower, pan fried haddock, Digby scallops and oysters. Also pairs well with many chicken and pork dishes, medium to sharp cheeses and summer salads.


You are never far from the coast, no matter where you are in Nova Scotia. Coastal White was made to reflect the abundance of coastline in our province and its influence on our grapes and wines. L’Acadie provides the pear and hints of green apple while the Riesling provides the minerality and green apple with hints of peach. Vibrant and bright, this wine is refreshing with a backbone of minerality, reminiscent of a coastal breeze.



750 mL

L’Acadie Blanc, Riesling