Gaspereau Seyval Blanc

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Seyval is a variety which has found an ideal environment in Northwest North America where resilience in cold weather and consistent summer cropping are important. Wine from this variety offers bright acidity , sapidity and subtle green herbal notes.


Seyval Blanc has aromas of fresh melon and pear with hints of lemon and lime. Undertones of honeyed apple and minerality are also displayed on the nose


Seyval Blanc is a well-balanced, medium sweet white wine made from the grape variety Seyval. In Nova Scotia’s climate, Seyval achieves a perfect balance between aromatics and acidity, making it an ideal wine for residual sugar. Notes of melon and pear fill the palate and combine with the residual sugar and acidity to provide a sweet yet refreshing finish.


Seyval Blanc is a wonderful wine to pair with local seafood and cheeses or to cool the palate when paired with hot and spicy dishes. It also pairs well with salads, broth-based soups and many pork dishes.



750 mL

Seyval Blanc