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Devonian Coast Wineries Premium Tawny Fortified Wine
Discovered. Fortified. Cultured. Introducing Portes du Altantic. Premium Tawny Fortified Wine

Atlantic Canada has a rich history of seaports, fortresses, harbours, and cities. Here, trading empires were built, battles were fought, and families gathered to share and celebrate.

Winemakers have known for centuries that wine, like people, take on a special character when they are shaped by the sea. Portes de Atlantica wine celebrates that heritage, as it looks to the future.

Combining some of the finest grapes from Atlantic Canada with time-honoured winemaking techniques, we have created a modern, premium tawny wine that is elegant and rich with flavors of caramelized figs, dates, and prunes.

Devonian Coast Wineries
Nova Scotia, Canada  

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